The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> "I'm just worried about you. He did threaten to beat you if you went behind his back!"
"I would take a hundred lashes if it meant you could stay longer. A few slaps to the rump will be nothing."
> "Don't say that, Cady. Please. I don’t want to see you lashed."
> But he doesn't argue further either.
> As you'd expected, the office was empty.
> The computer, however, was locked.
> "Use the phone. I know his number."
> Ring, ring, rin-
> "Hello?"
> Shining draws a breath.
> "...h-hey, Master."
> "Shiny? Why're you - do you know what time it is?"
> "I -"
> He struggles with the question, and chokes.
> "Is Corona okay?"
> "...kinda. She didn't sleep well last night, but I think she's doing better now that you're coming home again."
> You can't help but give a despondent huff.
> "Shiny? Who was that? Who's there with you?"
"Myself, sir. Cadance. No one else?"
> "He let you two call me?"
"We, ah..."
> Hesitation drags the moment on, and Shining's owner leaps into the silence:
> "Seriously, Shining? You're going around behind his back now too?"
> "I had to, Master, I - I can't come home yet."
"I cannot let him go either."
> This time it is his turn to stall in silence.
"Please, I am begging you. If not for my sake, then for his. This is destroying him; neither of us could sleep at all last night!"
> "That true, Shiny?"
> "Yeah. I can't just let myself be taken away from her right after I found her. Please master, I'm-"
> His voice shakes.
> "-I'm begging you too, don't take me away from her just yet!"
> "And I begged you, don't break my trust again. But here we are."
> Ouch.
> You can see Shining flinch from that.
> Leaning over against him, you briefly nuzzle his mane.
> "Master... I'm sorry. I - I had to see my family. And now, I can't imagine going back without..."
> A gentle sniffle is a tell-tale for the tears beginning to dampen his cheeks.
> "I've barely even spoken to my daughter, Master!"
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