The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"Just the few days, like you originally said you were going to let him stay. Just a few days more!"
> "I said I was thinking about it, Cadance. Not said I would."
> Oh.
> "What do I have to do, Master? What is it you want me to say just to get a few more days with my family?!"
> His plaintive pleading is becoming indistinguishable from actual cries.
> It doesn't sound faked either.
> Had he genuinely thought his owner would be more accommodating than this?
> "I..."
> "Is this what you really want to do to me? Pull my family apart, like Gracie's was? Leave my little Flurry having barely seen her father."
> A hiss of rushing static on the line - or a tired sigh.
> "That was a very low blow, Shiny..."
> "It's how it feels, Master."
> “And speaking of Gracie, what do I tell her anyway? Sorry, we found Shining Armor, he doesn’t want to come home?”
> Shining flinches back, and you snarl angrily.
“Excuse me! But for someone who was just speaking of low blows, that is a very low one. Surely simply knowing he will be coming back should lighten her spirits?”
> “...yeah. Okay, yeah. That was. I’m sorry, Shiny. Shouldn’t have - tossed that at you.”
> “No. I’m sorry, Master. I started aiming low.”
> You smile a touch at their reconciliation.
> That relationship was hard to break, and quick to mend.
"If I can say - Shining came here looking to make sure his daughter was safe. Even if he does think she is safe now-"
> "And I... guess I do."
"-can you really force him to come back before he's really had a chance to spend time with her?"
> Still no answer comes, but that still feels like an improvement over a blind 'no'.
"I... I understand you are upset about what happened. But I am asking you - do not take that anger out on Shining Armor!"
> The longer a lack of any response comes, the more it seems less reassuring and more worrying.
> Where the two of you having any effect at all?
> "Shiny... I have to go to work."
> "Master!"
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