The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> "Okay, okay! I - I won't send the transport order in today. I'll - have to talk to your Master, Cadance-"
> You wince; that was going to be a fun discussion.
> "-but... you get your few days. And then we can talk about more visits... somehow. If you don't give me any more problems."
> "Yes, Master!"
> Elation lifts Shining's voice; he whinnies happily and does a little trot-in-place dance.
> "Thank you! Thank you so much, Master!"
> "...yeah, yeah. Love you, you big goofball. Even if you are a pain in my ass sometimes."
> You can't help but giggle at that description.
"Needless to say, thank you as well from the bottom of my heart."
> "Yeah. Look, I'll talk later - maybe call back once I'm at work, set this up for certain."
> The line clicks dead, and you sag against Shining Armor in utter relief.
"Thank you too, love. I know that cannot have been easy for you."
> In response Shining nuzzles you back, whickering as his teeth nibble at the back of your neck.

"So, I take it the call went well?"
> Both ponies jump, Cadance giving a half-squelched whinny as they rapidly untangle from their embrace.
> Leaning against the study doorframe, you allow yourself a smirk.
> "M-Master, you heard-"
"The funny thing about a phone, Cadance, is that the display tells you when the line is in use. And when I noticed that particular number had been dialed out to..."
> They have the decency to look ashamed, at least.
> Shining is also shooting little worried looks at his wife.
> You've a fair guess why.
"You know, Cadance, I seem to distinctly remember telling you there'd be some very specific consequences for going behind my back."
> To your surprise, she does not seem particularly upset about this.
> If anything, her previously-ashamed expression hardens.
> "Yes, Master. You did."
"Was making the call worth it, at least?"
> Ducking his head, Shining looks back to Cadance and swishes his tail nervously.
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