The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Though not a direct answer to your question, obvious excitement boils just beneath his skin.
> Keeping himself from leaping and bucking in joy is all the stallion can do.
> "If you allow it, I am permitted to stay for a few days more."
> You turn the question over in your head.
> It had been something you had considered before - at that point, there seemed to be no downside.
> And, if you were honest with yourself, you held some sympathy for the plight of a broken family.
> After this...
> Well, you couldn't punish Flurry for what he had done and-
> Oh, who are you kidding.
> You're a sucker for this.
"Accepted... if you don't cause me any more problems. If you do, you're on the first ride home I can get you. Understood?"
Now he does buck and leap for joy - whinnying happily with each bound.
> Keeping a bit of laughter out of your voice is hard too!
"Easy there! You'll go right through a wall like that."
> Calming down just a touch, Shining Armor tosses his head and snorts.
> "Can't help if I'm happy about this!"
"No, I suppose you can't. Still, be careful."
> "Master?"
> By far the more nervous of the pair, Cadance shuffles uncertainly with her head still hung.
> "Am I to be punished for this? I... did go back around behind your back, and you did say.."
> That you did.
> A warning - a promise of retribution, swift and stern, should she do this.
> Yet...
> There was no malice or rebellion in this - at least not in your eyes.
> Could you deliver a punishment for merely seeking to gain time with her loved ones?
> What would you have done to avoid Megan being taken from you?
> Pushing off from the wall, you approach Cadance until you can drop to a knee and hold a hand out to her.
"Just - tell me why this couldn't have happened with my knowledge?"
> "It was... after what you told me, about not knowing exactly when it would ever end."
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