The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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!F9CBa509ak 2018-07-13 10:55:28 No. 32645345

> She swallows, though from the emotions that raises in her mind or from the sense that this would not appeal to your mercies you aren't sure.
> "For once, I wanted - we wanted - to have something of our own. Not given to us, but something we sought out ourselves. So we would not take this lying down."
> That doesn't entirely make sense.
> They'd still have had to ask Shining's owner for him to stay, and then had asked you...
> But who said emotion - strong emotion - was logical?
> What this did say, is that stubborn rebellious streak was not quite suppressed in her.
> Likely never would be, especially if there weren’t repercussions for it.
> Or would punishing her now only reinforce that?

What do we do?
> This desire is something we understand. Let her go with an admonition.
> We understand, but discipline is important. Give her a quick, perfunctory slap on the rump like we did with Thunderlane and Tourmaline Twist.
> This was clear rebellion. Give her “a good few swats” like you’d promised, either with hand or belt.
> Something else?

Also please don't shitpost the thread into oblivion, guys. Actual discussion with raising reasonable points in discussion, sure, but it got awfully full of circular shitposting in here last time.
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