The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> In the end, you could understand what she had done.
> But this had struck at something deeper than merely rebelling against authority.
> She'd betrayed your trust.
> She had decided that this was not something she wanted you part of, no matter the importance.
> That was...
> Not acceptable.
> What had gotten into her head, thinking it "had" to be this way?
> Certainly nothing you said; merely because she ambushed you with a rough question - a question you couldn't answer so easily - didn't mean you would hold her back from the chance to ask for what she had needed!
> There was absolutely no good reason for this to have been brought to this point.
> Had she merely chosen to reject the cards that fate had dealt her and ask for a call, you'd have granted it without a second thought.
> And the end result would still have been the same.
> the same time, though...
> Your eyes fall to Shining, who watches you with a critical eye.
> And you know:
> This punishment will not be delivered right now.
> Not just because he would judge you for a laying a hand on his wife, but also because it would be a dark cloud over whatever time they did have left together.
> Was it dishonest to hide this from him?
> Perhaps.
> But still you would not inflict this on them nonetheless.
"Cadance? Go enjoy your time together. We can talk about this later... and about what I said before. For now, there's someone who needs you very much-"
> You nod to Shining Armor.
"-and you shouldn't waste the time you've just won. He's here for you, as is your daughter."
> "He's allowed to stay, then?"
> The hope in her voice is reflected by the hopeful lean-forward in her body.
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