The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"Shining, tell me..."
> You look down, stirring a hoof on the pavement.
"...I got into this to protect my brother. Now Vapor Trail and Sunbreak too. Would it be wrong to take this oath with them first in my mind?"
> Shining drops to his haunches, tail swishing across the road.
> "There was this one time that a pony came onto our land. Back with my master. I don't think he was really looking for a fight, but he wasn't afraid either... Something went wrong. Master tried to warn him off, but he attacked instead."
> Tilting his head back up, Shining stares up at the night sky.
> Illuminated as the camp was, relatively few stars shown through - but enough.
> "I went after him. Pinned him down until the cops got there and took him away. I thought about him a lot later on. Was that right, what I did? Turning him over to their mercies?"
> His story, you think, is uncomfortably close to what happened to Merribelle.
> A pony sneaking about, coming on a house and approaching it not realizing what was about to happen...
> "I saw what happened to him later on. They weren't kind. And I set him up to go through that..."
"That's not the same at all. He attacked someone without being provoked. It's not like your master had him trapped there, was it?"
> "No. But it's not like Sparky was looking for blood either. My owner would have been fine eventually no matter what I did. Chasing Sparky was my call."
> Snorting, Shining tosses his mane back.
> "And they weren't kind with him, either... a pony attacking a human? He got it pretty rough. At least in the end we could..."
> He shakes his head, a suddenly perturbed expression flickering across his face.
> "...nevermind."
"Still a lot more than what I'm worried about. Hell, the night you were in the house, you think I'd have hesitated for a second to come after you? Chase you as long as I could?"
> "That's true."
"But you still think I'm wrong."
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