The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Their malaise lead them to abandon meals, which in turn left them only feeling worse...
> "I could go talk to her again-"
"No. We are..."
> Looking away, you feel your cheeks flushing softly.
"...I believe she has someone in the camp who likes her very much, and-"
> "Rumble, you mean."
"You knew?"
> "I had an inkling. He came in to see her when she was attacked, and looked more than just... normally worried."
> Anonymous smiles, if perhaps a bit sadly.
> "It should be good for her. I think it's certainly been good for him."
> Well, that's pretty much permission from him - you aren't going to ask for more.
"That is my hope. I will nudge them as much as I dare, and it will brighten her days."
> "Good. But Cadance? Be careful with her heart; I don't want to see it even more broken."
> You incline your head, eyes half-closed in acknowledgement.
"It is my talent, Anonymous. I will not defy you."
> "Good."
> You turn to go, then look back.
> In a softer voice, you ask:
"Shining Armor's departure - is it still set for the day after tomorrow?"
> "Yes, I'm afraid."
> Reaching out, he places a hand on your shoulder.
> "I know it isn't that much longer-"
"I asked for a few more days together, and it was given. It was all I could have expected, Anonymous."
> "Still... I will see about arranging some time for you to see him again soon."
> Your head sinks a touch further, turning the gesture into something akin to a thankful bow.
> Perhaps that would make it easier on Shining when it was time to go...
> Before you leave the house, you have one final thing to do.
> Meghan is quite busy with her homework.
> But still looks up with a smile as you enter.
> "Hi, Cadance."
"Good afternoon, Megan."
> Dropping to your belly beside her, you offer a soft, tentative smile.
"I need to ask you for a very big favor."
> "Shining's going to have to go soon, isn't he?"
> Children and foals alike, it seems, liked to dive to the heart of the matter.
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