The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> You bow your head in acknowledgement.
"The day after tomorrow, I am afraid. And, I was wondering - would it be acceptable if Flurry Heart stayed with us these last two nights? I know we are already taking so much of her time, and-"
> Cutting off with a grunt, you snap out your wings - first to steady yourself, then to encircle the girl who had suddenly lunged into a hug against your chest.
> "I could tell. You looked very sad. Take her for as long as you want, Miss Cadance."
> With a warm smile you lift a hoof to finish the embrace.
> Tucking her head beneath your chin, you nicker deeply - a heavy, throaty noise that she undoubtedly feels as much as hears.
"I cannot thank you enough, Megan. Before he goes, I am sure Shining Armor would love to give you another pony-back ride."
> "Yes!"
> Megan bounces in place, but then re-tightens her hug around you.
> "S'not just because of that, though. I... I know how much her dad being here means to Flurry. I can't say no; she's a good pony. A good friend."
> A good pony.
> From another mouth it could have been a statement of derision, or perhaps patronising affirmation.
> Not from this girl, however.
> Not from that innocent, thoughtful voice.
> You squeeze her so hard she squeaks; tears, too, are squeezed from your eyes.
> That night, you sit with Flurry Heart and Shining Armor atop the roof of the museum-and-rec-hall.
> While it was certainly not private, any late-flying pegasi visiting the rec hall below were giving you a wide berth.
> Recognizing, perhaps, the need for privacy in this moment.
> Tonight you had been lucky; a cool evening allowed you to huddle close together beneath the star-strewn sky.
> Shining Armor rested on his back, his head nestled into your flank.
> In turn Flurry Heart was nestled between his upturned hooves, her expansive wings draped to either side of him.
> This far into the evening, the camp's lights were dimming towards lights-out and curfew beginning.
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