The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Off in the far east, this planet's moon was rising from the horizon.
> It hung there, fatly ovoid and white like a great egg, immobile yet subtly higher each time you looked back.
> Flurry Heart stirs:
> "Daddy? Can you ask your Master for just a little more time? I don't want you to go yet."
> "I know, Little Gem."
> Kissing her brow just below the horn, he resumes grooming her - nibbling about her mane and ears.
> "I don't want to go either."
> Slipping a hoof beneath her chin, he lifts his daughter's muzzle to face him.
> "You've been through so much. Things I should have been there to protect you from... or at least support you through them. Will you forgive me, Flurry Heart?"
> Responding with a muted whinny that devolves into a whimper, she buries her muzzle back into his chest:
> Nostrils flaring and sides heaving as she tries to drag in his scent.
> "Then don't go away again, Daddy!"
"I'm afraid that's not a choice he has to make, Little Gem."
> "Yeah. Even if I wasn't owned by him, there's a pony there who needs my help still."
> "Then - then we'll bring them here and they can live with us-"
> You flinch, but thankfully she doesn't seem to have noticed.

"That would... not work very well, I'm afraid."
> Going to cry out again, Flurry is instead caught by Shining's hoof.
> It guides her head over towards the east, where the moon still hangs like a spotlight beneath the clouds.
> "Look at that moon, Flurry Heart. I know it's not Auntie Luna's moon, but it's still the only one this planet has."
> "Y-Yeah?"
> "Yeah. And that means, if you ever feel like you miss me, that night you go and look at the moon. And I promise, I'll take a few minutes every night to look at it and think about you here too."
> That has to be the cheesiest, silliest thing you've ever heard.
> And yet it still rings a chord.
> Despite how plainly foalish it was, this was so much a part of why you'd fallen for this big goofball of a stallion:
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