The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> The happy colt inside the tough guard exterior.
"And believe me, Little Gem - before you know it, we'll all be coming together to see each other again."
> Flurry clearly is not happy with this answer.
> But acceptance does not require happiness, and she does not protest further - only nuzzling down into her father's coat.
> Though lights-out is coming soon you can't help but wish to never move from this spot:
> Curled up with your family, the cool summer night warded off by your shared body heat.
> Actually...
> Why couldn't you?
> The roof was not the most comfortable place to sleep, of course, but you'd had far less pleasant beds in the past.
> With a few blankets and pillows spread out...
> "Mrrrrph?"
"Would you just like to stay up here tonight?"
> "That sounds lovely."
> A quick flight to your quarters, and you are soon returning back with several pillows and sheets floating in a field of magic behind you.
> Flurry is fast asleep by the time you return and Shining doesn't look like he'll be long to follow.
> But he still wakes up enough to sweep a spot clean on the roof and lay out the impromptu bedding.
"I'm sorry it isn't exactly a comfortable spot out under the stars."
> "Cady, any bed you are in is plenty good a bed for me."
> Giggling, you kiss him on the nose before settling down:
> Legs intertwined with each other, and Flurry Heart dozing contentedly between your bellies.
> "Do you remember, Cady, how we used to sit on one of the Crystal Palace's balconies and just watch the stars?"
"I do. I was always hopeless at spotting the constellations."
> Shining gives an amused snort.
> "Yes, you were."
> It was, you suspect, more that Shining had grown up with that bookworm of a sister lecturing him about anything and everything.
> Not even your foalsitting experiences with Twilight could rival that!
"They're so different here. The stars, I mean."
> "But they're still stars. And this is still watching them with you."
"I know."
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