The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Shining gives a low, content whicker which you eagerly return - turning your head aside and pressing your cheek to his.
> Even Flurry Heart joins in, making a sleepy and higher, foalish nicker from her spot between the two of you.
"What you said before, about looking up at the sky and thinking about you looking at it too?"
> "Yeah?"
> Only the slightest twist of your head is needed to kiss his cheek.
"I think I needed to hear that too."
> "So did I, Cady. So did I."
> ...
> "Giddyap! Go, go, giddyap!"
> Heeding Megan's urging, Shining Armor puts himself in an all-out sprint down the street.
> At its end they strike loose earth; dirt and pebbles go flying.
> With a tug from the reins she signals him to dig his hooves in hard - leaning into the hard turn.
> For a second it seems that he could take it, but then Shining Armor overcompensates.
> Rolling into a tumble, he goes sprawling into the dirt with a wild neigh; Megan cartwheels from his back only to hang mid-air in a cloud of magic.
> From your spot perhaps only ten paces behind you are close enough to gasp in horror, then give a little cheer when his magic sets her back to the ground unharmed.
> "OhmyGod! Shining, are you okay?"
> Groaning softly, he rises and shakes himself off.
> "I'm... I'm 'onna be fine. 'ventually. Ow."
> Flurry Heart darts between her father and mistress with concern etched on her face.
> Marching up to Shining with folded arms, Megan pouts furiously.
> "Well, you didn't have to catch me! I'm wearing a helmet, just like Daddy tells me to."
"Which doesn't mean he didn't do the right thing. That looked very risky to my eyes; please be more careful, Megan."
> "But he got hurt!"
> Grabbing Shining's bridle earns another groan from the bruised stallion.
> "I'm sorry! Where does it hurt?"
> "M'mouth. Th'bit. Pulled hard when y'went 'own."
> "Let me see!"
> He rolls his eyes as she pries up his lip to examine the bare gum the bit rested on.
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