The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> But he doesn't protest, and even draws it back a bit more to help her.
> "I... don't see any blood?"
> "No. S'not blee'ing. I'd tashte it."
> Ducking under his head to check the other side, Megan then rubs his nose - tears beading in her eyes.
> "M'sorry... didn't mean to hurt you. Just wanted to try doing a fast turn."
> Pushing his head down into her arms and allowing a rub of his mane, Shining puffs out a soft, wordless breath of acceptance.
> You can't blame Megan either:
> After posing for a few more hours to let the painter finish his outlines, Shining had seemed a bound-up ball of energy:
> Ready to take off like a rocket.
> Little surprise she'd been able to goad him into doing something risky then.
> Meanwhile, you look aside at Anonymous.
> Finally having caught up on one of the little motorized carts, he was now snapping pictures as he had been all day:
> More candid - and lively - portrayals of your family than a painting.
> You were relieved to have both.
"I'm honestly amazed they've bonded so well, so quickly."
> "It's like you said: Shining Armor has a weakness for children, and Megan has a good heart."
> Up ahead Megan had - after some coaxing - clambered back onto Shining's back.
> Rather than take the reins again, however, she leans over to whisper something into his ear before waving to you.
> "Shining and I are going to back to get him unsaddled, okay?"
"Of course, dear."
> "Sure, sweetheart! Care to follow, Cadance?"
"Right behind you."

And there we go. I would have dropped this last night, but the thread sat at nearly-dead for a while; on account of the late rollout, there is no question as I have already begun work on the next segment to avoid further delay on it.
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