The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Once they reach what had been designated as the 'saddling spot', Megan slips back off his back again and clambers down.
> First to go is the hated bridle:
> Shining is all too happy to spit the taste of it from his mouth when the bit is pulled from it.
> The saddle falls to the ground next.
> It is soon followed by the blanket beneath it.
> Megan steps back with a squeak-turned-giggle as Shining shakes himself out, mane fanning out in a wild spray.
> "Ohhh, that feels good!"
> "C'mere. I'll give you a wash-down too!"
> A hose is adjusted and directed at Shining; the sweat-soaked stallion luxuriates in the spray.
> Actually scrubbing him down forces him to crouch so Megan can reach all of him.
> She is all too happy to wield the soap-laden sponge with gusto, however, and Shining absolutely willing to enjoy.
> There's something almost ironic about it as well:
> A reversal of her earlier total command of him.
> Now it is the girl who serves the slave, scrubbing out the aches and strains her ride had caused him as well.
> Indeed, he almost looks disappointed when she drops it and goes for the hose again.
"Dear, try not to enjoy yourself too much. You're practically purring over there."
> Too late you catch the fiendish gleam in Megan's eyes.
> By the time your shield forms, it is far too late:
> The hose's frigid spray has thoroughly drenched you!
> "Mistress Megan!"
"That is - augh! My mane is soaked!"
> Your indignity is only further exacerbated by not only Megan, but Shining and Anonymous cracking up as well!
> Even Flurry is giggling, the little traitor!
> "Careful, Megan."
> Shining nudges her side.
> "She turns into a terrible monster when her mane is ruined. Trust me."
> "Eeeek!"
> Tossing up the hose, Megan flees.
> The nozzle lands at Flurry Heart's hooves.
> Scooping it in her magic, the filly looks between yourself and Anonymous.
> A subtle nod from both of you seals Megan's fate:
> Counter-betrayal!
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