The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> "Fluuurrry, you're supposed to be on my side!"
> "Not anymore!"
> Her soaking duty done, Flurry Leaps up to roost on a nearby rooftop and stick out her tongue in defiance.
> Unfortunately, she had forgotten that both mother and father have horns too:
> Twin balls of water are scooped up to burst over her and render the filly a whinnying, dripping mess.
> Everyone bursts out another round of laughter.
> Anonymous, the only one remaining un-drenched, raises his hands in mock pleading.
> "I surrender."
> ...
> Your final night together is spent in private - away from the rest of the camp and its ponies.
> This was not a night for community, but for family.
> Stories are shared, swapped, retold.
> Many of Flurry, when she was yet too young to remember.
> Others of ponies yourself or Shining had known.
> He relates a few of Gracie, the girl who had helped mend his scarred heart, too.
> You tell a few of more tender moments in the camp.
> When the camp's lights go out, moonlight illuminates the tellings instead.
> Sleep is a foe long staved off.
> Eventually it comes nonetheless, claiming you in a tumbled pile, and soon after the unwanted dawn.
> Somepony had thoughtfully left breakfast at your door.
> You take it in even though you know nopony will feel like eating.
> Eventually Shining sighs and pushes his plate away.
> "Maybe it's better. I'll be traveling for a long time without any breaks."
> Wordlessly you embrace him.
> Even that seems insufficient, and when the knock comes on your door it feels all too soon.
> Nonetheless you answer it.
> Anonymous himself stands there, a somber expression on his face.
> "It's time. They'll be here to pick him up any minute now."
> The trip back to the manor is made in a morose silence.
> Once there Anonymous retreats to the his study for a moment before emerging with a packet he hands to Shining.
> "What is this?"
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