The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> "Corona's documents of ownership. I said I would send it with you, and I'm damn well going to keep my promise. There's also a letter there for her..."
> "I don't know if she'll want to read it."
> "Neither do I. But it's worth a try, at least. Oh, there's also some pictures of you, your family, and Megan there. She insisted. Wanted you to always have something to remember by."
> A touch of a smile, however wan, develops on Shining's face.
> "I'll keep her in mind. The horn ring has to go back on, I guess?"
> Anonymous grimaces.
> "Worse than that. For a runaway, you're supposed to be bridled and hobbled."
"Anonymous! There's no reason to put him in chains; he wants to go!"
> "Not my choice, Cadance. That's how runaways are transported."
> "Cady..."
> Shining leans over, nuzzling your chin.
> "I'll be fine, Cady. I've survived so much already, I can live through a few hours of this."
"I don't like it. They shouldn't do this to you. You're not some mindless brute!"
> Lips brushing your cheeks, Shining nods.
> "But this is what slavery is. Anonymous, do it."
> The shackles come first - closing around his fetlocks, a short length of hobbling chain linking each of them.
> A bridle is next:
> Not a lightly-resting thing like he had used with Megan or you had worn for him.
> This is heavy and thick, with a strong steel bit and muzzling straps to keep him from lunging or biting.
> Loosening the straps so they do not bite so cruelly into him is all Anonymous can do.
> As if this were not enough, an equally strict collar is locked around his throat - chain leads running from it and the bridle alike.
> At one point you turn to tell Flurry Heart to go back to Megan's room.
> She should not have to see her father like this.
> But one look at her expression tells you just how little chance of her fleeing would be.
> Lastly, the horn ring.
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