The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> A fierce shivering racks Shining's body as it is fitted into place, his pupils dropping to pinpricks as the ring severs his connection to magic.
> When he is done, Anonymous drops to one knee and holds a hand out to Shining Armor.
> "I'm sorry about this, Shining. I honestly am. You've proven to be a good husband and father, and I'm glad I got to see that side of you."
> Unable to speak, he just nods and lifts a hoof as far as the chains allow in return.
> Flurry goes next.
> Embracing him fiercely, she lifts herself up to whisper in her father's ear.
> Whatever is said makes Shining Armor begin to tear up at last, embracing her in return.
> Your turn is last.
> By now you have no words; you simply step forward and kiss him head-on.
> It is awkward due to the bridle, yes.
> But no less passionate.
> Nor does Shining hesitate for a moment to return it just as deeply.
> Then takes the package in his lips, lifts his head, and nods to Anonymous.
> Time to go.
> Your owner looks at the chain lead in his hand, then hands it to you.
> "I think you should walk with him, Cadance."
> Once you would have been enraged to hear him force you to carry out such a painful task.
> Now, you understand what he is giving you - a chance to spare Shining the humiliation of being walked out alone.
> On stepping out the door a new problem presents itself:
> Far from being alone, while you had been inside ponies had gathered around the manor.
> Shining's ears pin back at the sight of so many staring faces - and yet more arriving by the minute!
> He rallies, though:
> Lifting his head proudly, and marching forth as cleanly as the chains allow.
> You try to do the same and keep at his side.
> It is not easy; each step is another one closer to his departing again.
> Another hole ripped in your heart.
> Still you force your hooves to carry you on.
> Even as he crosses the open square with you to the front gate the crowd continues to swell.
> They watch in utter silence.
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