The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Among the faces there you can see respect, anger, horror, and so much more.
> Thunderlane stands next to Granite Cleave - one hoof raised in stiff salute.
> Bon Bon's eyes are cold and hard, while Nurse Mellowheart's calm face seems to be actually genuine rather than a practiced mask.
> Sunburst, trying to keep himself under control.
> The colt who'd approached him that one night in the rec hall, who seems only to be able to stand for the support of the two ponies on either side.
> His face a portrait of utter horror and despair at seeing Shining shackled and lead.
> Just as Shining reaches the gate, a voice begins to carry from somewhere behind.
> “Equestria, the land I love. A land of harmony…”
> “Our flag does wave from high above,”
> “For ponykind to see…”
> Despite himself, Shining Armor begins to tear up.
> You're fairly close to completely breaking down yourself, as even more voices join the chorus.
> The crowd has swelled to tremendous size; nearly the entire camp must be here!
> “Equestria, a land of friends,”
> “Where ponykind do roam.”
> “They say true friendship never ends,”
> “Equestria, my home!”
> Every line seems louder, a swelling and roaring chorus of pony voices.
> The attendants waiting by the truck are gesturing and yelling, but they cannot be hear over so many voices singing in unison.
> Anonymous watches from his door with an unhappy look.
> He still makes no move to stop the display.
> The last lines are sung again; this time as the song comes to an end ponies begin dropping into bows:
> A few at first, then all more, until a visible wave is moving through the crowd as sheer herd instinct takes over.
> Shining has failed to keep his composure entirely; tears easily run down his cheeks.
> Arriving at the truck, he looks back at the camp one last time.
> Dropping the package on the ground, he - despite the chains - settles back on his haunches.
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