The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> It takes a few tries to avoid unbalancing himself.
> But eventually Shining Armor manages to hunch himself over enough to raise one hoof in a returned salute.
> Flurry Heart is embraced one last time against his side, and he delivers one final heartfelt kiss to you.
> And then he is gone:
> Taking the package again and hobbling up the ramp into the truck.
> You and Flurry remain there watching until it disappears down the road.

> To your considerable surprise, Cadance does not take the rest of the day off.
> You'd barely begun to ask the question when she dismissed it with a firm shake of her head.
> "I don't need to be dwelling on it right now. I need to think."
> That this had been said by a face framed by a sorrowful expression and deeply-bagged eyes obviously showing a lack of good sleep kind of diminished her point.
> Nonetheless you allow her to do as she wishes.
> Her waiting punishment is not brought up either; that too could be handled once her pain was a little less raw.
> Initially Flurry Heart had departed with her mother, but soon you caught her peeking around the corner of your study door.
"Lonely, little one?"
> "Yes, Master."
> Her downcast voice is accompanied by overtones of nervousness.
> As if she half expected you to jump on her.
> "Momma said I could stay with her, but she's working too hard trying to pretend."
> Always the workaholic when she was in a sour mood...
> As if she could somehow redeem whatever misdeed had brought this one her.
> Especially foolish now - this was no punishment.
> Shining Armor was simply owned by another person.
"And Sunburst too?"
> "I'unno where he is."
"Well, c'mere then Flurry."
> Your beckons summons an eager blur of pink and purple, the filly happily clambering up into your lap.
> The chair groans as she settles down - inadvertently giving you a face-full of feathery wing - and you grunt as her weight comes to rest across your thighs.
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