The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Drying her eyes with a wing, Flurry puts a pondering face.
> "So, like, they're in love but not sure they want to be?"
"Well, I don't know if I would say they're that far. Let's say they're friends, but might be more."
> "Weeeell. Maybe, what if you got one pony to say they loved the other, but they didnt know other pony was listening?"
> You can't help but chuckle softly.
"Sounds like it came out of a book or something."
> Flurry squirms around onto her back and tucks her forelegs up against her chest.
> Worried eyes look up at you.
> "It was a story I heard. Is that a bad idea?"
> God, you're helpless against that look!
"No, not at all."
> Your hand descends to rub absentmindedly over her belly, palm running over the velveteen coat covering it.
"In fact, it might just be worthwhile trying... since you and Megan aren't back in your room yet, I imagine you've seen Mocha Cream downstairs?"
> "Yeah. Why? She seems sad-"
> A little foalish gasp and she cranes her neck to look up at you.
> "Master! Does Mocha love somepony?"
"Actually, Flurry, Mocha... well, she thinks she loves me."
> "But..."
> Big eyes screw up in confusion, muzzle wrinkling in a scrunch.
> "'re her master, and she's your pony."
"Yes, I know."
> Though that hardly seemed to matter for some people...
"But, there's someone else I think she might care for. Someone who might make her happy again."
> Cadance had urged you to leave it to her...
> But it wasn't really interfering just to give a chance for things to be set in motion, was it?
> Do a little more 'direct management' of your herd.
> Not like you would be really pushing them to date or locking them in a room together.
> ...or maybe the Princess of Love herself would be better off handling this.

Which course do we take? Do we follow Cadance's advice, or give our own little assist to the situation as well, following Flurry's suggestion?
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