The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"I think, maybe, that you had better tell your mother about this."
> "Awww."
"Something wrong?"
> "No, just... Momma's really sad right now, and I dunno if she'll feel like it-"
"Maybe not. But, you know this sort of thing is her talent, right?"
> "Uh-huh."
"Well, maybe your mother would like to have a bit of something to keep her mind off of this, you know? I know it feels good when you're able to work at something you're good at."
> "That's why you gave Mocha Cream her job, right?"
> Giving her belly one last rub, you flip Flurry Heart back over and start in on her back - digging your thumb in between her wings.
> God, you need this sometimes.
> It was almost therapeutic.
> Fuzz therapy.
> She probably did too, considering what she's just been through.
"I'm sorry it hasn't worked to heal her heart, but it has helped some. Maybe this will help your mother, until we can arrange for all of you to see your father again."
> "Uh-huh."
"And then Mocha can be happier as well, I hope."
> "Uh-huh."
> Yeah, you kind of doubt she's listening to you at this point.
> Maybe too caught up in the massage, or maybe just too deep down in her own concerns.
> Either way-
> Slipping your hands beneath Flurry Heart's forelegs, you lift her up in front of you with a grunt.
"Hey. Listen, it's going to be okay in the end. Understand?"
> "Yeah."
> Reaching out, she taps you on the nose with a hoof.
> "Don't you be sad either, Master. Okay?"
> Laughing softly, you bring her in to rest your forehead against hers.
"Okay, Flurry. I'll keep that in mind. Now, why don't you go back to your mother and tell her what I just suggested, okay?"
> "Could I stay here with you, Master? At least until Mistress Megan comes home. I won't bother you, I promise!"
> You almost give in to those pleading eyes.
> Almost.
"No, Flurry. I think right now your mother needs you. And I'm sure if you go to see her, she'll make some time for you."
> "Awww..."
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