The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"Hey. There will be plenty of time later."
> You plant a kiss on her forehead, just beneath her horn.
"Plus, Megan will need your time then as well."
> ...
> The phone's insistent ringing cuts through the soporific late afternoon.
> Tapping the speaker on, you speak up even as fingers continue tip-tapping away on the keyboard before you:
"Hello, Anonymous here."
> "Hey. It's me. I, uh - just wanted to say, Shiny got home safe and sound."
> Ah!
> You'd been expecting this call - it'd been a couple of days since you'd seen him off already, after all.
"Good to hear. I'm sorry they had to deliver him like that, all chained up-"
> "I kind of expected it. Running away and all... anyway, the letter. I... thank you for that."
"Did Corona read it?"
> "Only after I did first."
> 'And?', you want to ask.
> Maybe that came through without even being said, because a crackly sigh comes across the phone.
> "Corona's been quiet. Staring off into the distance a lot. I think the fear you'd find her was always looming over her even out here, and now she's still coming to terms with it being gone."
"That's - better than before though, right?"
> "Yes. No nightmares so far, at least."
> Sounds like an improvement to you.
"Well, I'm just happy it's off her back now. What about Gracie?"
> “He told you about that, huh?”
> A soft, but bitter-sounding chuckle.
> "That’s going to take a while longer. It’ll happen, though. Shiny's already been asking me when he can go see his wife and kid again."
"I don't blame him. About that, though..."
> "Yeah, look. I think some sort of middle ground would be best."
"Agreed. More drivable for both of us, and will keep Corona's mind settled. Rent a hotel room for them or something."
> "Will places there rent to just a couple ponies alone?"
"I don't know. Maybe an AirBnB. Look, worst comes to worst we get another room for one of my guys to babysit them for a day or two."
> "Guess so, yeah."
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