The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Although, you'll have to make sure it's a place with thick walls.
> Otherwise they'd get the thudding and whinnies of those two going at it every night...
"Anyway... I think it'll be a few weeks out."
> "Besides, Shiny is still grounded for a long time."
"Heh, sounds about right. I'll reach out to you about letting them talk over Skype safely."
> "Sure thing."
> The phone clicks to silence, and you return to your typing.
> Only for it to ring again perhaps a minute later.
> Without even looking you tap the speaker button.
"Hello again. You forget something, or is Shiny looking to talk?"
> "I'm looking to talk alright, Mr Anonymous, but I don't think I am who you think I am."
> Anger - and a bit of horror - surges into your veins.
> You fumble to pick the handset up and cut the speaker.
“Arlene Donovan.”
> "I see you remember me."
"How could I forget? You gave my ponies quite the fright - drove one to tears with your “investigations”, and then riling up that crowd of hooligans outside my facilities."
> "I did no such thing. I was merely observing in case an incident occurred."
"Well, one didn't - only barely. No thanks to you."
> Your force your teeth to unclench for fear of grinding them down to nubs.
> It would do good to contain your anger here.
> If she really was determined to pin something, an angry outburst would do no good.
"So then, Miss Donovan, what can I do for you."
> "I'd like to talk to some of your staff and ponies. In private. The staff we can simply request, but the ponies I have to go through you for."
> Damn right she does.
> And you aren't budging.
"And can I ask the nature of your inquiry?"
> "That is something to be discussed in private."
> The hell it was!
> Your ponies, your business!
"I'm afraid-"
> You swallow, trying to put your anger down a notch again.
"-I'm afraid having to put them in for another interrogation would be seriously disruptive to my business. If you could inform me-"
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