The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> "Or I could get an order for questioning."
> Your stomach clenches.
> There's no way.
> If someone had squealed on you already, it would be you they were looking to question.
> Not to poke around with your ponies.
> A slave's testimony wasn't even admissible in court, otherwise there'd be Masters always worrying that a few ponies they had disciplined would gang up on them!
> It's a bluff.
"Then in that case, you'll have to convince your superiors of your grounds. Or you could start talking to me."
> Amusement is heavy in her voice.
> "You think you're calling my bluff, Mr Anonymous. I am not bluffing."
"Is there anything else, Miss Donovan?"
> "I'll be in touch."
> You have to exert every ounce of willpower to avoid slamming the handset down.
> Damn her!
> Fingers grip the chair's arms claw-like, digging deep into the leather veneer.
> Eventually the anger wanes and leaves cold logic in its place.
> You'd deal with her in time; she clearly had no basis for a full investigation or your office would be full of agents right now.
> But at the moment you had bigger issues.
> Like a bit of discipline to enforce.

> You had a reasonable guess why Anonymous would call you back to your quarters early.
> Even so you avoid skulking in like a nervous filly coming home to an angry parent.
> Instead you enter with head held high.
> Knowing full well what you were going to.
> "Here, Cadance."
> Seated on the side of your bed, Anonymous pats the spot beside him.
> You hop up obligingly, falling prone beside him.
> "I... decided to do this out here, because it's the least-likely place anyone will hear. Flurry is off with Megan, so it's just us."
> What do you say to that?
> A 'thank you' is probably warranted, for not adding humiliation to punishment.
> It still feels wrong to say, though.
> Anonymous sees your hesitation and puts a hand on your withers.
> "I guess, I also want you to understand 'why'."
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