The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"I called Shining's master to plead for him to stay. Not just misusing your phones, Master, but also going against what you had decided."
> "Not... really."
> Another hefty sigh as he considers his next words carefully.
> "It's more than that, Cadance. You broke my trust by going behind my back. If you'd asked, I would have said to be wary - but yes, you could have. Instead, I find you sneaking into my house."
> Your eyes half close in understanding.
"Have you ever been so - so crushed by everything life has taken from you, that you just want one thing back from it above all else?"
> "Yes. But you could have gotten it after asking me permission."
"No. I would have been given permission by you to try it, not aimed for and seized it myself."
> Your head falls to rest atop crossed forelegs.
"Is your trust for me so fragile I cannot make phone calls?"
> "Do you think you don't deserve this?"
"I went behind your back, as you warned me against doing."
> "That's not an answer."
> No, it wasn't, was it?
> Hands slip beneath your chin, lifting your head up to his.
> "Cadance, I'm not doing this because you disobeyed me as a friend. I'm doing it because our trust was broken. By you."
> He truly doesn't see why those things cannot be separated, can he?
"...let us please get this over with."
> "Alright. Lay across my lap - here, like this..."
> Sweet Celestia, this is really happening, wasn't it?
> Somehow it hadn't seemed real until now.
> Outrage rekindles itself within you.
"Now, Anonymous, I don't think that's really necessary..."
> A few smacks around the rump was one thing, but being put over his knee like he'd done with Megan...
> No.
> Just, no.
> It'd be almost as humiliating as when he'd paraded you around in the tack-and-chains outfit!
> "Well, Cadance? I'm waiting."
> Hesitantly you crawl forward until your belly rests over his knees.
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