The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Going prone to balance on Anonymous' legs proves to be a tricky business, forcing you to both keep yourself upright on your forehooves and stretch your hindlegs out behind you.
> Awkward, but not impossible.
> And leaving you uniquely vulnerable, unable to easily lift yourself back upright.
> Your wingtips are already twitching nervously.
> "Good girl. Now, tuck your tail down?"
"A-Anonymous, please. I don't think it's necessary to take it this far-"
> You're quite unable to keep the nervous tremble out of your voice, but he seems totally unphased.
> "Master. Punished ponies don't get to use first names. You should know that by now, Cadance."
> Really?
"Master, then. I get the point; you don't need to - Eeeep!"
> A most un-princessly noise is dragged from your lips as your tail is dragged down between your haunches.
> Okay, it is far better than being - exposed by having your tail pulled aside.
> But still!
> It takes all your will to keep your wings from snapping out in instinct and bowling him back.
> "Now, Cadance. Keep calm, and let's get this over with."
> When the first slap comes down across your haunches, your mind goes completely and totally blank.
> He didn't just-
> He couldn't have just-
> There wasn't any way he would have-
> "I warned you. Protesting just makes it worse. Now, are you going to be silent and let me finish? Because I can assure you, fighting it is just going to make it all that much worse."
> You can only splutter wordlessly.
> Finish?!
> He meant to do more?!
> Yes, he did - a point driven home as his palm drives home on each of your cheeks, delivering a pair of resounding slaps.
"Ah! Anonymous, it's enough!"
> "Not if you're still not paying attention, it isn't. Focus, Cadance - see how it doesn't actually hurt that much? As long as you don't hit too hard, it only builds up over time. And you've got plenty of padding there."
> You really don't.
> You weren’t lucky enough to be gifted with an abundance of rump.
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