The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Not like your aunt, or even Twilight for her size.
> What is important, is that Anonymous had actually dared to take you over his knee like a child!
> Your cheeks must be cherry-red with the way they're burning right now, and a worried little voice says that your hind cheeks will be in a similar state if he keeps this up.
> Which he is.
> Very effectively - his open palm beating a regular drumbeat on your rear.
> Already you can feel the pain beginning to settle in deeper, a dull and pulsing throb.
> Enough is enough!
> You try to stand, only for his free hand to push very firmly down on your withers.
"An-Master, this isn't funny anymore! Please, stop it!"
> "I wanted this to be fast and simple, Cadance - over and done with. But if you keep fighting I will make it harsher. Do I need to get a bridle for you?"
> He's absolutely serious about this.
> The prospect of being bridled as he lay a beating against your croup.
> Instead you are reduced to resting your head against the bed as flat as your horn will allow.
> Barely enough to hide the tears beginning to leak from your eyes.
> Not from pain.
> As he had said, this was still far less than if he had used a belt or - Celestia forbid - a whip.
> But tears of humiliation.
> You had gone behind his back to regain some control over your life, a need to hold some choice of your own driving you to take that risk.
> And here he was, tearing that pride right back down with this debasing and foalish treatment.
> A fresh reminder of how little choice you actually had.
> Whimpering softly, you try to keep your tail from instinctually flicking that punishing hand away - lest the abject humiliation of exposing yourself to him be added on top!
> How many blows has it even been?
> You didn't think to count!
> Now you understand why he had wanted this done out of view from the rest of the camp.
> In some ways this hurt even more than what he'd done when you begged him to punish you, and that had been pure agony.
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