The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> This, though, was a pain of the soul.
> Mortification combines with the growing haze of pain around your hindquarters to grow into something darker:
> Anger.
> Fury at how he seemed determined to tear down what little self-determination you had claimed.
> And bitterness at-
> "Cadance?"
> Your voice is weak and shaky.
> "Let me go, Cadance."
> Let him-
> Oh.
> Oh no.
> Belatedly you realize your horn had unconsciously lit.
> A magical field gripped his hand to keep it from striking another blow.
> No, not just his hand.
> Both hands, and his chest too - pinning him back against the bed.
> In a panic you snuff your magic, horn going dark, and clamber from his lap to sink into a deep bow on the floor.
> Both wings spread wide and low in supplication..
"Forgive me, Master! I-I didn't mean to do that, I let myself slip away-"
> With a raised hand he stops you.
> "Come back up here, Cadance."
> Legs trembling, you do so - carefully climbing onto the bed.
> Using magic against him, to restrain him no less!
> That was no small thing!
> When you sink down to stretch across his lap again, it is with utter certainty that your punishment just became far worse.
> You even forget to tuck your tail down between your legs.
> Instead his arms slip around your neck and bring your head in against his chest.
> "I think that's enough for you. The points been made; there's no need for anything more."
> "You're forgiven for the magic. You obviously didn't mean to, and this a trying moment."
> One hand strokes down your neck, through your mane.
> "It's over now. You took a punishment, and it's over."
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