The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> It feels strange.
> Laying there and letting the hands which were just beating a humiliating lesson into your rump caressing your mane.
> Like he had a switch, turning him from cold Master to actual man with a heart.
> At the same time you are hardly keen to pull away.
> Resting in his like this with in his embrace, you are abundantly aware of just how close you just came to total disaster.
> If Anonymous had reacted poorly to your lashing out with magic like that...
> A shudder runs through you nose-to-tail.
> Visions of horn rings or being locked away in a cell to await a more serious flogging dance in your mind.
> "Hey. Shhhh. It's okay, Cadance. It wasn't really all that bad of a punishment, was it?"
"N-No, Master."
> You force - or try to force - the shaking to stop.
> "Then what is it? The magic? You didn't hurt me. I'm more surprised than angry."
"I could have-"
> "I know you could have, Cadance. I remember when you damn near put that guard through the wall."
> You were going to say you could be in line for something far worse.
> But that seems out of place to say now.
"Lashed out... I just lashed out at you, I..."
> "Yeah, well... sometimes we lash out. Trust me, I would know. You stopped yourself and didn't hurt me, so that's what counts."
> The analogy is utterly false.
> Wanting him to stop beating you is nothing like when he had snapped and lashed out!
> At you, or at Corona.
> Even so you are glad to hear the equivalency in his words.
> It was reassurance nothing more would suddenly fall on your head later.
"Forgive me, Master. It was..."
> "No, I should have realized. That time I whipped you - it was the first time you'd been whipped, wasn't it? Should have realized this should bring back bad memories-"
"Not that, Master. Not that at all."
> You allow yourself to slip further into his grasp, resting your head on his chest.
> Whether there's some actual comfort taken in the touch, however bizarre that may seem.
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