The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"Flurry, Megan - can you just step outside for a little while?"
> "But Thunderlane-"
"But nothing. Remember how you're supposed to listen to us when we're walking you around out here? I'll come out in a little while, but for now you wait. If you give Seismic Shift any trouble, he'll let me know."
> "Aaaaalriiiight."
> You wait until the door is closed before turning back around to face the colt.
> To his credit, he doesn't try to flee when you approach.
> Maybe being this far immersed in despair has already made him too dulled to try fighting back.
"What's your name, then?"
> "Barnstormer."
"Barnstormer, huh?"
> You lean over and take the knot binding his wings in your teeth.
> A few tugs and pulls, and it falls loose around his barrel.
"Listen... I know it seems rough. But you're wrong."
> "How?"
> He might not be fighting, but Barnstormer was trembling.
> Pale legs shaking softly as he tried to support himself.
> "You tell me, huh? What's going to change about this? Who's going to free us-"
"They will. One day, they will - because there are good people out there. People like Megan. And if we keep our spirit alive, then that day will come."
> "Keep our spirit alive? How do we even do that, huh? Who's looking out for us-"
"I do solemnly swear, having been granted this rank by the right of their Highnesses Celestia and Luna, to defend Equestria and her ponies by hoof, by wing, or by horn against any foes which may threaten them and to stand by my comrades in discharging their duty in wartime or peace, faithfully upholding the Harmony which binds us all together."
> Listening in quiet awe, his mouth half open in a small 'o', as you carry through the lines.
> "Who - what's that-"
"It's the oath of a Royal Guard. Do you know who taught me that? Shining Armor did. Because no matter what happened to him, he wanted someone else to uphold that spirit."
> You stretch out a wing across Barnstormer's back.
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