The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> "Besides-"
> Megan chirps a moment later.
> "-besides, your dad's going to be coming back soon, right?"
> "No, not coming. Master says we'll get to go see him soon, though."
> "Wait, really?"
> "Uh-huh! He promised we'd get to."
"And when Anonymous promises, he does follow through. I'll give him that much."
> You drop onto your haunches next to Barnstormer, settling a wing across his shoulders.
> "R-Really?"
"Really. Like I told you before, I don't think they could have moved him easily if he didn't have that kind of assurance."
> It doesn't take long for Anonymous to come downstairs with Cadance.
> Barnstormer shifts back into your side at the sight of him.
> It does feel a bit odd, having a near full-grown stallion clinging to your side like a foal.
> Even so you do not move an inch.
> Anonymous seems to sense what is going on, and squats down a few feet away from you.
> "Hey there, Barnstormer."
> "M-Master..."
> "Thunderlane told me what happened. We all talked, and - well, we're all still pretty worried about you. So, we'd like to keep you under observation for a little while."
> Barnstormer's ears fall back, his tail pinning down.
> "B-But your said-"
> "Not in a cell. It's not a punishment; you'll just be in the clinic for a little while so the nurses there can keep an eye on you."
"That's not too bad. Heck, I've been in there for a few days. They're nice there."'
> Tapping him on the side, you stand.
"Come on. Let's get you on over there, okay?"
> You're almost out of the room when Megan's voice rings out:
> "Why does he have to go to the clinic, though. Is he sick?"
> Everyone tries to hide their grimaces at her question.
> How do you explain that to a child?
> You lead him into the next room and get the door closed before Anonymous can answer.
> Barnstormer goes off to the far side of the room, while you remain at the door with one ear cocked to it.
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