The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> You stand again, looking to the door.
"Is there anything else, Miss Donovan, or may I be excused?"
> "I..."
> She seems to struggle with her emotions again, any number of them passing over her face.
> "Cadenza, please... he holds your daughter's safety over you to ensure you are obedient! Can you really say he is your friend?"
> No, you cannot just say that.
> But neither can you tell her that Anonymous is your enemy.
> Seeing your struggle, Arlene casts her eyes down.
> "I thought about trying to buy a pony out of slavery once, you know. Give them a better home. One where they would be a slave in name only."
"It sounds as though you did not, though."
> "Even if I treated them like family, I would be paying a slaver. They would buy another pony in turn, and it would go on... eventually they would start looking for ways to - make more ponies, and I couldn't be part of that."
> There is an unspoken challenge there, just waiting to drop:
> Could you?
> Your mind automatically goes back to Barnstormer's deep, lingering depression.
> To Vapor Trail's fears for her own filly.
> And, of course, to your own family.
"...I will reach out to you with my answer. Or you may reach out to me."
> "I... understand."
> Good.
> In a moment her mask is back on, voice returning to its typical clipped tones.
> "When you go back up, please ask them to send down the next one I am supposed to speak to."
> Anonymous is found waiting in the living room, a laptop.
> "Well?"
"Tell Randall that Haute Glamour is more resourceful than any of us thought."
> "You're fucking joking."
"I am not. Somehow she got through to Arlene, and not only accused you of cruelty but suggested you had murdered Corona as well."
> "That I-"
> Actually throwing up his hands in frustration, Anonymous shakes his head.
> "How incredibly fucking ironic. Since I gave away her ownership papers, I couldn't drag her back into this if I wanted to."
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