The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> You slip away for just long enough to keep it from being apparent that you were snooping on their conversation.
> Even though you were, well, a parent.
> To one of them, at least.
> And everypony used to say that Celestia was 'Equestria's mother'!
> But that still doesn't mean that you had a good excuse for snooping, so instead you turn around at the end of the hallway and walk back at a rather more audible pace - letting your hooves click on plastic tile.
> All eyes are already on the door by the time you enter it, offering the small group a warm smile.
> Immediately Barnstormer dips his head into a bow, but you cut him off:
"That's quite alright. Please, don’t trouble yourself for me."
> "Your Highness..."
> Barnstormer murmurs the title almost unconsciously, right before his eyes snap to Megan.
> She doesn't comment, though.
> Approaching, you lower your head and touch your nose to his.
> He accepts the gesture with some degree of trepidation, finally relenting with a puff of breath through his nostrils.
"I'm glad I can finally see you, Barnstormer."
> "Nurses wouldn't let you come either, huh?"
> You offer a sympathetic look.
"It seems even an alicorn is nothing compared to a nurse looking after her patient."
> An actual grin, if still an intensely bitter one, creeps onto his face.
> "Yeah. I don't suppose they've said when they're going to let me out?"
"I am afraid not, but I will ask them again when I go."
> "'re too kind to me, Miss Cadance."
> Again you brush noses with him, drawing a bit more color into his cheeks.
"But, what were you doing before I entered? I did not interrupt anything, did I?"
> "Nah... we were just talking about Dad..."
> Fortunately there's no need to obfuscate your emotions here:
> The sadness in your voice was very real, but you only allow it to stay for a moment.
> "Momma? When we go to see Dad again, can we take a picture to bring back here?"
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