The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"Of course we can, little gem. Maybe even have him bring another picture for us from his home."
> "Oh... but then it wouldn't be of all of us being together."
"It doesn't have to be one or the other. We can take one there and have him bring one."
> "C-Could it be one of Gracie?"
> "Who's Gracie?"
"A girl my husband knew. She was very, very kind to him when he was hurting. The first human, I think, he was able to look at as someone other than a Master."
> "Other... than a Master?"
> He seems so utterly unfamiliar with the idea that Megan actually sighs in frustration.
> "It's what I was telling you before!"
"Well, it might not be the exact same thing for you, Megan-"
> After all, she was Anonymous daughter - and might someday be Mistress to more than just Flurry Heart.
"-but yes. She was the first one Shining allowed to ride him, in fact."
> "Shining said she was younger than me, so I bet he's huuuuuge compared to her!"
> Barnstormer nods, a thoughtful look on his face.
> "Miss Megan? What was that like? When he - let you ride him?"
"It was... strange. It wasn't like riding a bike. He was... big. And of course he can think. He had to show me how to do it so I wouldn't hurt him. Or hurt me; I nearly fell off him once, but he caught me!"
> "O-Oh."
> Soon their conversation drifts on again - Megan offering small stories from the world beyond, from school or places she had seen while she toyed with Barnstormer's feathers or mane.
> Some of the latter category came with a hint of sorrow.
> They, you suspected, had been places she had gone with her mother.
> Or before her parents even split.
> Soon, however, Barnstormer's head begins to droop:
> Her fingers' gentle touch bringing him to a more comfortable state in which his eyes hang half-shut and ears drooping.
> Every few moments he would pop up again with a start, clearly struggling to stay awake.
> Finally Megan had given up, just stroking his head.
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