The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> "M... M'sorry, Miss Megan, y'can... go on. I jus'... didn' sleep real well-"
> "It's okay, Barnstormer. Do you want to sleep? I'll stay a little longer."
> He hesitates, but moments later his head is back down to the bed again - ears splayed as his eyes fall the rest of the way shut.
> Leaning in, you whisper softly:
"You two just don't be too late coming back, okay?"
> "Yes, Miss Cadance."
> With a smile you turn from the room.
> On the way out, you catch sight of Nurse Mellowheart and hurry to catch her; when questioned about Barnstormer's case, however, she shakes her head.
> "I don't know when we will be able to release him, Your Highness. We're none of us psychologists; the best we can do is guess."
"Please, try your hardest."
> "We are, trust me. In my opinion? He needs someone to connect with, badly. He's been worn down by seeing nothing for all his work."
> Pausing, she adds:
> "...not that we all haven't been, but it's hit him even harder than most."
"I will take that into consideration. If he did have something, could you let him out of the clinic?"
> Reassuring words or not, sooner or later Anonymous would want him back to work.
> "If.. he did?"
> Mellowheart cocks her head.
> "I would want somepony looking over him still, at least for a while. But... if he did have that, and it helped him pick his spirits back up again? Yes."
"Good. I think that would be right for him, if somepony could be found."
> Or someone...
"Getting out of here will definitely be better for him."

> "Haute Glamour."
> Randall's grip on his cane is so tight, you can see his joints turning white.
> "I should have made sure she was sent to the darkest, farthest corner of the world, Anonymous. I should have-"
> "Master, please!"
> It takes him a moment, but eventually Randall lowers a hand to brush Posey's mane.
> Even that little gesture cannot hide the fury still showing on his face.
> Radiating from his blind eyes.
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