The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> That would be a change, even if you were still 'free'.
> They'd been a part of your life for - what?
> Four years now?
> Having a court order you to no longer be able to own one...
"I do not believe so. However, just in case - I've been considering some contingency plans. Just rough ideas for now, but just-in-cases should she manage to get something pinned."
> "Explain."
> You do, and Randall's eyebrows shoot up.
> "That would only barely work. It would get taken apart in any sensible court."
"But that would be enough time to set a more permanent solution in place. One that favors us - or Megan, at least. Or the ponies."
> "...yes, it could. Delay it with motions and misdirection. That much, at least, would actually work. Though, Cadance would not ever forgive you."
"She would live with it, though."
> "I think she would."
"That's all I would need. Okay, I think we know our path forward. If any of the investors give you any trouble, tell them I continue to soundly refute any accusations and her efforts are nothing but a rank-chaser looking for a big case to win."
> "Understood."
> Randall stands, and Posey quickly rushes to his side to provide guidance.
> He makes his way to your chair, placing a hand on your shoulder.
> "I think you'll do just fine, Anonymous."
> When Megan comes home that afternoon, you head downstairs to find her already sprawled out in her room - her room again, now that the damage which had been done to it had been repaired - with Flurry Heart.
"Hey there, sweetheart. How was school today?"
> "Boooring."
> With a roll of her eyes, Megan flops onto her back.
> "Super boring."
> You point to the tablet she had been playing around on.
"Uh-huh. Is that why you're already playing instead of doing your homework?"
> "I didn't have homework today!"
"Suuuure about that?"
> "Yes, Dad- eeeeeep!"
> Megan's protestations turn to shrieks as your hands descend on her sides, tickling furiously.
> "No homework! No homework, I promise!"
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