The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Abruptly your assault is cut off by a ball of fur and feathers colliding with you.
> Flurry Heart's tackle sends you tumbling to the floor, if only for a moment.
> "I've got him, Mistress!"
"Oh, then I'll just have to interrogate you instead!"
> Deft fingers tease and tickle, and Flurry squirms wildly in your grasp - battering at you with her wings.
"Now, did Megan have homework to do or not? Speak!"
> "No, Master! Ahahahaha, s-she didn't, hehehhee!"
> Megan, in turn, jumps you as well, and soon you have a giggly girl and filly under each arm.
> Breathing hard, you flop back on the floor - just in time to catch one of the house-ponies watching through the doorway with an amused grin.
> You shoot them a smile back.
"Ooof... how am I getting too old for this already?"
> Lifting each hand, you ruffle Megan's hair and Flurry's mane.
"Okay. No homework today, so you've got some time. Maybe you want to go see Barnstormer again?"
> "Yeah."
> She pauses, though, squirming up and around to rest on top of your chest.
> "Daddy? Can I ask you something?"
"Of course, sweetheart. What is it."
> Both of Flurry Heart's ears prick attentively.
> That sets off a warning bell in your mind, but already it is too late.
> "Barnstormer said that he doesn't want to say here forever... so why does he have to?"
> "It's... making him sad. Because he has to stay and work. So why can't he go somewhere else?"
> This - from your own daughter, no less.
> It's almost as bad as Arlene; the question was just as bad, and you could not rebuff Megan so easily!
"'s not that simple, sweetheart."
> "Why not? Isn't there anyone else who would want a pony like him?"
"Well - yes, maybe... but-"
> "Then why not?"
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