The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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2018-09-04 02:08:16 No. 32894968
> Explain the basics of economics to her. We paid good money for Barnstormer, and we need to get even more in return or we'll lose our profit and go hungry
> It would set off a cascade. Too many ponies would try to leave, and we would be left with nothing
This is a pretty big stretch. The man is wealthy, and even if he lost all his slaves there's literally nothing preventing him from getting an honest job. If they go hungry, it's because he failed as a provider, not because slaves were (justly) freed. So to be blunt these are bald faced lies we shouldn't be telling our daughter. It reflects poorly on us as her father figure.

> He might be at risk out there. Not everywhere is as good as we are, to slaves or free ponies.
> He belongs to us, end of story. He can't just go away because he wants to.

I propose a combination of these two responses, because at least this is the truth, even if it's hard to for her to hear or hard for us to say. At the end of the day the only real reason Barnstormer cannot leave is because we choose to keep him as property.

2018-09-04 03:24:26 No. 32895284
> He might be at risk out there. Not everywhere is as good as we are, to slaves or free ponies.

This one. If Anon's outfit's too tough for him, he won't last a week elsewhere. Of course we as the audience know that Cadance has a solution cooked up also, so with that knowledge I vote this one- It's true enough, and Cadance can come in as the white knight with her solution later.

!ALIjXdgq.s 2018-09-04 07:34:59 No. 32896022
And if someone catches him, it is possible that Barnstormer will be treated in a cruel way, only imagine chained him, forced to work for leftovers, unable to go anywhere and no one to help him, abandoned to a terrible fate
>Immediately Flurry Heart lowers her head and begins to tremble slightly, Anon's words have brought back the shadows of her past, Megan perceives that her friend does not feel well
>Flurry? You feel bad?
>Anon soon gets up from his chair and kneels in front of the filly, then surround her with his arms, the filly thrusts his head into his chest, seeking the comfort that drives her away from such gray memories.
Sorry Flurry, I did not want to bring you back those bad days.
>Megan soon approaches and hugs little Alicorn in the back, they stay like that for a moment, until Flurry raises her head again in front of Anon's face
>Okay master, I know you did not want to hurt me
>Then Anon turns to see Megan, who also cleans the tears that come out of her eyes
That's why Megan that I can not let go to Barnstormer, it may seem a bit cruel but outside there are terrible things that await the ponies if they have no one to help them, they can be mine, but I treat them with respect and decency -as long as they obey my commands- and I strive to give them something else, it may not seem fair to them but I do the best I can, maybe one day they may be free, but until then while they work for me, they will be safe.
>Finished speaking, Anon deposits Flurry again on the floor, who is embraced by Megan immediately, she extends her wing wrapping the little one comforting her, while anon looks through the sale the afternoon sun
It's getting late, go wash to go eat
> When?

!F9CBa509ak 2018-09-07 11:06:48 No. 32908281

"Megan, sweetheart, problems don't just go away because you move somewhere else."
> Pushing yourself upright, you scoot up against the wall and straighten your legs out.
> One of the children settles on each - Megan sitting on your left, Flurry sprawled out over your right - with their heads leaning on your chest.
"Life... life is hard wherever you are. Especially for ponies. If he went away, we don't have any idea if he'd be treated well."
> You hand traces up and down Megan's back, rubbing softly as she lays there.
"Tell me, what did he tell you?"
> She stalls, if only for a moment.
> Pondering whether to tell you?
> You hope not - and in any case, she's soon resumed.
> "He said it's like - like being forced to do schoolwork all day long. And even if you get to pick your favorite kind of classwork, it's still boring and hard."
"I imagine that's true, sweetheart. But remember, no other place is going to be that kind to him either. You know what I do here is much, much better than ponies have it in so many other places."
> "Y-Yeah..."
"So, if he's having this much trouble here, do you think he would do any better anywhere else? I'm afraid he would be just as miserable, and possibly be treated worse because of it."
> "O-Oh..."
"In the end, he still belongs to us. That means he has to work for us, the same way Flurry has to help you."
> "But I like helping Mistress Megan."
> The filly stretches out a wing to brush your daughter's shoulder.
> "She's my friend too."
> You switch your attentions, brushing your fingers through her mane - drawing a light flick from one of her ears.
"I know that's true. But, hasn't there ever been a time when you had work to do or lessons to go to with Sunburst, and you preferred to be doing something else?"
> "Well, yeah..."
"But you couldn't, because she's your mistress."
> Lifting filly and girl from your chest, you hold them up a bit so you can look each of them in their eyes.
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