The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"That's something you're going to have to learn about. Both of you, honestly. This business will be yours one day, Megan, and that means you will have to understand what they can - and can't - be allowed to do."
> "And me, Master?"
"You too, Flurry. You'll be advising Megan like your mother advises me, and you'll have to learn as well. Understand?"
> "Yes, Master."
"And you, Megan?"
> She gains a thoughtful look for a few moments, then lifts her head to look up at her.
> "W-What if he wasn't still be a slave? Could he be better somewhere else out there then?"
> You sigh.
> Putting her in close contact with a pony like Barnstormer... you'd been afraid this line of questioning would crop up.
"No, even if he wasn't a slave. Even free ponies don't have an easy time of it out there. Not even if he stayed free."
> "Oh..."
"He'd be out there alone, with no one to help him. No one to look after him. What would happen if he got sick, or got hurt? Where would he live? And, there are people out there who look at free ponies as just potentials to take back into slavery too."
> "I..."
> Her face screws up, nose wrinkled in thought.
> "...what about Shining Armor! Shining Armor could go help him! Or Barnstormer could go live with him!"
> Flurry's ears prick.
> She turns to look at you questioningly too.
"Shining is very, very far away, Megan. Even if I told Barnstormer where to go, he could get lost. Run out of food and end up who knows where, hungry, and if someone saw him running around alone..."
> Hesitating, you wonder whether this story is right to tell them.
> But there doesn't appear to be any other option.
"You know, there was a pony who ran away from me once. She went sneaking around someone's house, looking for food. They-"
> You hesitate again.
"-hurt her. Badly"
> Megan covers her mouth, while Flurry gives a little muted whinny as her tail clamps down on her haunches.
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