The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"That made me very, very angry, because if she'd stayed here then she wouldn't have gotten hurt. I won't subject Barnstormer to that; even if they don't hurt him that badly, they might just take that as an opportunity to make him a slave again."
> There's no need to say that they won't be so gentle as you had been; the point is abundantly clear already.
> Flurry Heart cringes, perhaps remembering her own experience with slavers like that.
> "I don't want him to be hurt..."
"I'm sorry, Flurry. I didn't mean to bring back those bad days."
> "It's okay, Master. I know you didn't mean to."
> And then both are clutched against your chest again, your head dipping down to let them nuzzle into your cheeks.
> On one side, a little arm clutch your shoulder.
> On the other, a feathered wing circles you.
"Oh, my sweethearts. Sometimes the things you have to do in this business aren't easy choices to make. Sometimes, things can get very, very hard."
> Both the children also extend a limb - arm and wing - out to hold each other too.
"No, the best thing we can do is try to find a way for him to be happy here. We do care about him, and we need to find a solution for him here."
> "It feels mean."
"It can, sweetheart, it can."
> Even as you remain there - your face filled with their hair, breath puffing across your neck - your remaining thought is that this isn't the last you've heard of this topic.

> You're camped in the front room of the town hall, waiting for Cadance to emerge from her private office.
> Exactly why she had called you wasn't something you were certain of yet, although you had a good guess.
> The visit she recently had with Arlene was no doubt a cause, if not the sole cause.
> That woman...
> When Cadance’s office finally does open, though, her expression is downcast.
> "Forgive me, Thunderlane. I have to be going out. There's something I must do before I can speak to you. It shouldn't be long, but if you need to go."
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