The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> You glance at the clock, then shake your head.
"I can wait here a while longer."
> "Thank you, Thunderlane. Mayor Mare, if you could follow me?"
> "Of course, Your Highness."
> You almost hadn't seen the Mayor coming out behind her, but you offer her a calm nod as she passes as well.
> Then the front door clicks shut, leaving you alone.
> Not that you mind; it's a chance to lean against the wall and doze in the late-summer heat.
> Let your thoughts wander.
> What had Arlene been up to?
> Cadance had been very concerned when she’d shown up on the protest-line, but this time she hadn’t said anything.
> So far.
> That, in some ways, makes you even more nervous.
> Cadance had secrets, of course, and you respected that
> But you couldn’t help your thoughts drifting to the secret fears she was holding back on something important-
> There is knocking on the door again.
> You actually jump as the rapping comes, struggling upright.
"Welcome back, Your H-"
> But it was not Cadance in the doorway when it opens.
> In retrospect, that should have been obvious - she would not have to knock - but you were half-asleep at that moment!
> Instead Mocha Cream is frozen with one hoof lifted to the door and eyes wide.
"O-Oh. I'm sorry, Mocha - why don't you come in? I'm sure it's incredibly hot out there."
> And she had her maid's uniform on too!
> Tentatively Mocha slips the rest of the way through the door, followed by another one of the guards.
> He has barely laid eyes on you before speaking:
> "Thunderlane, can you keep an eye on Mocha for a moment? I want to go get a drink before I escort her back up to the house."
"Sure thing."
> You knew from hard experience how sweltering the guard uniforms could be in the summer.
> After the door closes again, Mocha looks back to you.
> "S-So, Miss Cadance isn't here right now?"
"No. She just went out, but it shouldn't be too long if you want to wait."
> "That would be fine. I just have to pick up some papers from her."
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