The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Well, that's maybe a strong word for it.
"I really did care for her, yes. I still thought about her a lot after that too. After I was... taken."
> "O-Oh."
> Trotting around, you seat yourself next to Mocha Cream and slip a wing over her withers.
> She stiffens at the touch, and you almost retract it - but then she softens.
"It's okay, Mocha, to let go of someone you love. It's not always easy, but you shouldn't be afraid of it."
> "But... he's my M-Master."
> The way she says that, it comes as a simple statement of fact.
> Like that's all there is to say.
"Yes he is, Mocha. But you are the one who feels this way."
> She nods, deep in thought.
> "Thunderlane? Are - are you-"
> The words stick in her throat, twisting into a nervous little whinny as her ears fall.
> You tighten your wing around her, lightly nuzzling her mane through the maid's headdress she wears; a second whinny falls to a muted nicker instead.
"You can ask me, Mocha. I'm not going to be angry."
> "Are you trying to set me up with Rumble?"
> Your eyebrows shoot up; that was not the question you were expecting.
> "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to-"
"No, no. It's okay, Mocha. I'm just - surprised."
> "You're his brother, though..."
> This last bit is mumbled beneath her breath, as if she still expected you to be furious with her.
> "I t-thought you would be - trying to - make h-him happy with a-another pony. I h-heard some ponies do t-that sometimes. S-Set up others in relationships."
"Well, Cadance might. Maybe-"
> "She's a pri- an alicorn! Of love! That's different. It's her talent."
> And she had been the one who had suggested this whole scheme as well.
> Twisting your head to look down at her, you tilt it and allow one ear to flop over.
"I'm sorry, Mocha. Is this - am I - worrying you? Upsetting you?"
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