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2018-09-10 04:50:28 No. 32918562
I think we shouldn't deny helping Rumble out a little bit, wanting to help him to earn Mocha's heart, but there is in no way meant to be anything 'forced' here. Just some offered assistance to a brother who wants to try to win the heart of a girl he likes. There is no need to feel obligated to feel like you have to make it work, but to let it see if things naturally click between the two of them.

One thing I think we should make exceptionally clear though is, just in case Mocha is under the idea that this was an idea set up out of pity for her, is make it clear that Rumble's attraction to her is 100% genuine, that she and she alone with her kindness/spirit made him fall for her without being pushed by his sibling or anyone else.

!F9CBa509ak 2018-09-13 12:10:45 No. 32929217

“I won’t deny I was trying to help him out a bit, Mocha. A ‘wingpony’, it’s called.”
> She slumps in place, and you quickly go on before she can fall too far:
“But, Mocha, this isn’t because I’m trying to force you into anything. Back in Equestria, when I was just a colt, other ponies sometimes did that too. They looked out for me in the same way I’m looking out for you.”
> “R-Really?”
“Yeah. And - maybe I did it once or twice too. When you saw two ponies you thought would be happy together, you tried to help them… well, be together.”
> “You think I w-would be happy with Rumble?”
> Removing your wing from her back, you turn around to face her but drop to your belly in the hopes of rendering yourself less imposing.
“Yes, I do. I’m not trying to force anything. You don’t - have to love him. I won’t be angry at you if you don’t. If you do, I'll be happy for the both of you."
> "O-Oh..."
> She looks like she has something more she wants to say, and you give her a moment to work up the effort to say it.
> She does, though:
> "Then it's not - not b-because you feel sorry for me?"
"Not at all. Like I said, it's something we did when we saw two ponies who'd already be happy together. Rumble really does like you - he has since you started working together on the camp's mailbox."
> Mocha Cream's cheeks color a touch, which you take as a good sign.
> "He - really does like me then?"
"Mocha, ponies don't do those kinds of things for other ponies if they don't like them a little bit. It was how kind and spirited you were that he likes, and there wasn't any pushing needed for that."
> Tail swishing thoughtfully, she nods.
"If I can ask... do you like him?"
> "You - can't tell him, okay?"
> For a moment you're ready to accept that as a given answer - but that could still go either way.
"I won't. But I might encourage him. Would you mind that?"
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