The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> The flush in her cheeks deepens, and she seems to curl into herself.
> "I - I don't know how I feel about him. I think I kind of do, but then I worry too..."
"About Anonymous?"
> Mocha squeaks, as if remembering something.
> "Oh, please don't tell him either!"
"Relax, Mocha. I won't. But, I don't think you need to worry so much. That's why you were asking me about Cloudchaser, wasn't it?"
> "...Uh-huh."
"Here's my advice to you, then. If you feel like you think you might like him... keep trying it. I won't press you into anything, and neither will anypony else. But, see about it - isn't the chance at happiness worth it?"
> "I guess. But, you have to promise me: Don't - don't push me, okay? Please."
> There's an undercurrent of fear, of vulnerability in that plea.
> For you, of course, there isn't any choice but to nod in agreement.
"Of course, Mocha."
> Eventually, her assigned guard returns.
> Soon after, Cadance and Mayor Mare; when she spots Mocha Cream, Cadance shakes her head.
> "I had forgotten... I'll be along in one moment with the papers you're here for, Mocha. Thunderlane, would you mind doing one last favor for me? Go find Sunburst and remind him to come see me. In fact, just bring him back."
"Of course, Your Highness."
> Finding the bespectacled stallion isn't so easy as you would think; his office is empty but for the typically mountainous piles of tomes and paper he kept in there.
> You can't help but poking through a few of the books.
> Just on the off-chance one of them hid another animate pony, magically bound to its pages.
> But no, only dust and old notes, scratched in his indecipherable hornwriting, can be found here.
> Instead you wander back out again, heading for the schoolhouse.
> It was officially just the 'education building' - doing double duty in training new acquisitions to their roles in the camp.
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