The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> But mostly everypony called it the schoolhouse, since it was where the few colts and fillies in the camp spent their lesson-time.
> In fact you never actually reach it; instead you all but stumble over Sunburst outside the building.
> The stallion was stretched out in a small patch of grass behind it, Flurry Heart at his side.
> Before them lay an open book; exactly what it was for you weren't sure - the arcane diagrams within were well beyond your understanding - but it was clear that Flurry was paying them very close attention.
> "...okay, Little gem. You understand what you have to do?"
> "Uh-huh. Try and - and use both my unicorn and pegasus magic at once."
> "Exactly. Ready to give it a try?"
> "Ready!"
> Whatever was intended to happen, however, the bright yellow flash and burst of snowflakes fluttering down over the open book clearly wasn't it.
> With a yelp Sunburst pulls the book shut and out of the way.
> "Well, that - that wasn't exactly what was supposed to happen..."
> "Did... Did I do wrong, uncle Sunburst?"
> "No, no!"
> Leaning over, he nuzzles Flurry reassuringly.
> "Nothing wrong at all, just - unexpected."
> When he looks up, though, Sunburst finally catches a glimpse of you.
> "Thunderlane! Is something up? I was just doing a little bit of practice with Flurry."
"Yes, actually. Her Highness wants to see you. Immediately."
> "See me...?"
> Abruptly he clicks his tongue, stomping one hoof into the pavement.
> "Right! I was so caught up - I'll be right over. Her office, right?"
"Yes. Actually, I think she wants me there too. She called me for a meeting as well."
> Sunburst's eyebrows rise, the scruff of his beard flopping as his head cocks in the opposite direction.
> "Has it... I wonder why. Alright. Flurry, dear, you know where your guard is waiting?"
> "Uh-huh."
> "You go right back there and home, then. Our lesson has already run over-time."
> "Awwww!"
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