The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> But she does go; only when both she and the guard step out together does Sunburst look to you.
> "Lead the way."
> The trip is made in mostly silence, both of you too busy pondering what circumstances could have lead Cadance to call for you.
> When you return, she is alone in the town hall with Mayor Mare - but has, to your delight, acquired several bottles of cool water.
> Nodding to them, she motions you to pillows set out on the floor.
> "Please, all of you, sit down. There's something I have to explain to all of you, and I wanted a chance to do it in private..."
> What she lays out next is...
> Incredible.
> Almost unthinkable; an offer of total freedom!
> Only for the small prices of betraying the human - and leaving behind the ponies - she had worked with for so long.
> "...and even if I wanted to, I doubt Anonymous would allow me to remain in contact with you. At least, not if you were still forced to stay here."
> You risk a glance to the other ponies in the room:
> Mayor Mare bears a neutral, thoughtful expression - her eyes inscrutable behind her glasses, or perhaps simply so distant that they are empty of any emotion at all.
> Sunburst is...
> ...well, he's definitely showing emotion.
> His breaths are coming so hard that his chest is visibly pumping and nostrils flared out.
> You stretch out a hoof towards him.
"Easy there, Sunburst..."
> "S-Sorry. This is just... I don't know how to..."
> "Sunburst."
> Cadance reaches out too, albeit with a wing, and he calms at the touch.
> "I know this is - shocking. Terrifying, even. But you can calm yourself; I'm not making a decision yet. I want your opinions on this."
"Our - opinions?"
> "Yes. I have come to rely on you three more than any other ponies in this camp. However unofficially, you have become my cabinet, of sorts - my ministers here."
> You hadn't thought of yourself that way, but in a way it was true wasn't it?
"What do you want to know, Your Highness?"
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