The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> "Thunderlane. You have had the most - interaction with Arlene Donovan prior to this. How likely is it that her offer is genuine? Are her intentions as good as they sound?"
> You think back - back to what had seemed an eternity, stuck in that room with you.
> Hunched at the table, your wings pinned to your sides like shields, while she hammered you with one question after another.
> Could a woman like that really be looking out for ponies?
> One the one hand, you want to think it was only because she had seen you as a collaborator.
> That, like Shining Armor, she would come to understand the path you had taken.
> But another part, the ancient pegasus at the back of your head - all emotion and instinct - screamed a counter.
> No - there was no way she could be an ally.
> She hadn't tried to sympathize with you one bit, considered for a second how Chrysocolla's death had impacted you.
> Of how fresh and raw the memory of the flash and pop that had ended her life was.
> She was no friend.
> "Thunderlane?"
"I... can't say. I spoke to her the most, yeah. But it was all at once. Was she upset, or just being honest then?"
> You shake your head sharply, half to clear away the intruding thoughts.
"I'm sorry, Your Highness. It's possible she is honest, but it's possible she is not. I don't know."
> "I think I do."
> Everypony there looks aside at Sunburst.
> His eyes fall at the attention, one hoof rising to nervously play with the scruff of his beard.
> "Tell us, Sunburst."
> "I... asked some of our outside contacts about her when she showed up with the protesters. Apparently she's known as someone who fights for pony rights. Someone on our side."
"So you think she is trustworthy?"
> "Yes, but - Your Highness..."
> Sunburst chokes, swallows, and tries again.
> "I - I don't think you should. Take the offer, I mean."
> Calmly, Cadance drops prone on the floor - tucking her forelegs beneath her.
> "Go on, Sunburst."
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