The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> "She is right. We could be trapped here for longer. Much longer. But she doesn't understand what it feels like to cling to what little we have now."
> His head droops, looking at the floor.
> "Before you came - before Flurry Heart came - we were all alone. I was all alone. When you came, we had hope. When Flurry came, we had progress."
> "Some ponies would say that progress is poised to stop."
> "It won't forever. Anonymous isn't the same man he was before."
> Twisting around to look at his back, Sunburst murmurs out:
> "...he's not the same kind of person who would have forced you to whip all of us. He thinks differently now. But that's all because of you and Flurry Heart. If you went, I don't think he would stay the same."
> There's more than that to it.
> You can sense it, and so can everypony else in the room.
> It takes a moment, but eventually Sunburst sighs.
> "And... I don't know what I would do. Having both of you back has - has re-lit the light in my life."
> Cadance nods.
> "Very well. Mayor?"
> The older mare's hoof stirs, drawing little shapes on the floor.
> "I told Cadance what I'd been through once. What I'd - seen, when I was captured. What I'd done, and helped them do. Cruel things. Terrible things."
> Ah.
> Was that why her look was so distant..?
> "This place is - better. Not so cruel. But every day, I still wake up a servant to a slaver, helping him rip more profit out of ponies' lives. Every day, I miss just being mayor of a little village called Ponyville."
> You're actually taken aback.
> Mayor Mare had never, that you can remember, spoken with such strong emotion about being a slave.
> Of course, you missed Ponyville too.
> Yet now her hoof was taking her glasses from her muzzle with a small tremble.
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