The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> "Your Highness - Cadance - if there is any chance that this can shorten the years we have to live like this, I say you take it. We - we will survive. It isn't a knock against you, Your Highness, but we survived before you and I will make sure we survive if you go."
> "Even if I do go, Mayor, freedom may not come so quickly."
> "I understand. But if it shortens it at all... I will manage. It's not like I haven't managed before."
> There's iron in that voice, and she accompanies that last statement with a stomp of her hoof to the floor.
> "If there is hope, we have to leap at it. Before more ponies can be hurt. Before this can go on any longer."
> And now, of course, all eyes in the room fall on you.

What does Thunderlane suggest? Remember, this is from his opinion - is it any different from Cadance's thoughts, which we've seen?
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