The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> You think long and hard on this.
> The desire to be free sooner - before you're an old stallion, worn out by work and this life - is a strong one.
> A powerful on.
> But at the same time...
> Rumble.
> You've done all of this to look after him - becoming Anonymous' spy, becoming a guard, and yes - even taking the oath of the Royal Guard.
> To protect, and also to inspire.
> Not just Rumble in the end either, but Vapor Trail and everypony else here too.
> And - in a horrible, twisted way - it is more safe to remain in servitude than to gamble with hope.
> Maybe Arlene would win - or maybe it would be nothing, and Cadance would have betrayed Anonymous' trust without result.
> Maybe she would come through on her promises, or maybe not.
> And even if you were free, the world out there was not easy for ponies.
> Transom had testified to that.
> But in here... Anonymous was not perfect, not by a long shot.
> Cadance had a working relationship with him though, and maybe even something approximating an actual one too.
> She had been an undeniable calming factor, a pony who could challenge his positions and win.
> Mayor Mare was right - you all had survived before, and could do so again.
> But you were doing more than surviving here, you were building something.
> "Thunderlane?"
> Cadance's voice - insistent, questioning - draws you out of your thoughts.
"Honestly, Your Highness... I can't. Not in good faith."
> Both Mayor Mare and Sunburst actually look shocked, as though they hadn't expected you to swing in that direction.
> From Cadance, however, you simply receive a thoughtful nod.
> "Why?"
"Arlene offers hope. I don't dispute that, and Mayor - you do have a point. Anything which gets us a day closer to being free is good. But I think we already have hope here. I've seen the changes that have happened, and with Megan poised to take over I think we'll see even greater changes."
> You pause, shuffling your wings nervously.
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